Agriculture and Farm Security

farm-yard-camera-securityWith the increase in criminal activity during the recession, livestock, farm machinery, and fuel have become a target for opportunists and organised gangs over the last number of years. Farmers are becoming more aware of the potential threat of these criminals and the costs/damage that can be incurred by their activities.

From our farming background and first hand experience of the damage done by thieves, Total Security Systems have the knowledge of the potential targets on today’s farm . It is important to take steps to protect your livestock and machinery, as the cost of replacing these is potentially huge and could leave your business in ruins.

“With the number of tractors that were taken in the area, we decided it was time to take action and called Keith”, says Gerard Kerrigan of Fletcherstown Dairies.

Security Camera Cows CalvingTotal Security Systems went through the options for us and we decided to alarm the front gate in the main yard as this is the only entry and exit route for machinery. Keith came and fitted the alarm as arranged and had it set up and running in no time at all. We get a message through our phone when the alarm activates and also have a siren in the yard to activate if the alarm triggers, so we will be at the yard within a couple of minutes if there is an intrusion. Total Security Systems were always available on the phone whenever we had a question or query, big or small. The system is working very well and it gives us that peace of mind when we finish up for the night.

Keith also installed a couple of calving cameras for us which are directly linked back to the house so that we can view them over the computer, laptop or IPad. He has also set them up so that we can view them on the mobile phone if we are away from the yard”, says Gerard.

“Calving cameras are vital in protecting your livestock as they mean you can keep an eye on animals 24/7 and still be able to continue with the other work that has to be done.

We are currently automating our front gate, and again we didn’t have to look any further than Total Security Systems to provide the total solution.

Gerard opted for the overground sliding operator as it was the most practical and secure option.

“Down the line we hope to add security cameras in critical locations around the yard, due to the nature of what is happening around the country, we feel that the investment is worth it, rather than the damage that can be caused by these criminals”, says Gerard.

farm-security-cameraSo bit by bit Gerard is beefing up his security and monitoring of his livestock. Small measures can be taken that don’t cost a lot, such as increased security lighting, good quality locks on tool shed doors etc., and like Gerard, over time you can add to your security.

So if you’ve got concerns about weak points or potential risks to your farm, call Total Security Systems today and we’ll be able to advise you and call to your property to assess the options available to you.