Service and Maintenance

security-maintenanceAll of our systems that we install are covered by a 12 month warranty, and we also offer a comprehensive maintenance and repair service after this period, so rest assured, you can rely on us service, repair, upgrade and maintain your security system for years to come.

If you have an existing system that was installed by someone else, we can also service and maintain this for you.

For more information on our maintenance offers or if you require a service on your existing system, call us today.

For burglar alarms to be as effective as the day it was installed, it must be regularly maintained and tested. This is imperative as changes over time or detectors not working correctly, could mean that your security system is compromised and that it doesn’t detect an intrusion on to your property or business when it really matters. This can end up costing you a lot of money, which doesn’t need to happen, by having scheduled maintenance carried out by our trained technicians, it can and will be prevented.

Most insurance companies now also require that you have your system regularly maintained by registered security companies. Total Security Systems are licenced by the PSA and certified to EN 50131-1 standards to carry out this maintenance.