Total Security Systems CCTVThe use of CCTV and Digital recording equipment has become an integral part of of crime prevention and detection in the world in which we live today.

If a crime occurs having the video evidence is vital in order to preventing it from re-occurring , and by capturing it while it is happening you can also prevent a crime from taking place.

CCTV Installation

Total Security Systems are at the forefront of cctv innovation. Using the most modern equipment installed by our highly trained and experienced technicians ensures that your cctv installation meets your needs and surpasses your expectations.

HD Megapixel CCTV

HD CCTV over IP has transformed the cctv industry:

Why IP?

  • Greater Flexibility
  • Better transmission of video signals over the network
  • Higher resolutions possible
  • With higher resolution, the need for less cameras
  • Better quality images
  • Wireless transmission of video signals does not deteriorate quality of images

In essence the benefits of HD cctv are to the end user. Better images, quality and flexibility.

Total Security Systems are pro-active in using these systems and integrating new products as they become available to us. Working with our partners, we ensure that you get the best system available and a backup service that you deserve.

We also provide 24 hr CCTV Monitoring services through our Monitoring Station Diamond Point.

Call us today and we can discuss the various options available and if you would like we can arrange a site visit and demonstration.

Home CCTV Installation

Total Security Systems CCTV HomeIf it’s a home cctv installation you require, Total Security systems also have a solution for you. We can call to your house and assess the areas that you need covered with the security camera installation.

After discussing in detail a proposed layout of the cctv installation, if agreed then we can carry out the required work at a time convenient to you.

Having completed the work and carried out all tests on the equipment, we then demonstrate the use of the system. We also leave written instructions with you and as is sometimes the case, should you require further assistance on use of the system, our 24 hour back up service that we provide will ensure that you are never at a loss as to how to use your cctv system.

Remote viewing

All of our systems can be accessed via remote viewing software on your Tablet, P.C. or Smartphone.

This software is easy to use and provides total peace of mind for you, so even if you’re away from your home or business you can still have access to your cctv cameras wherever you are.

CCTV Brands Used