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Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms Save Lives

Fire Alarms

There are over 30,000 fires attended to by fire and emergency services each year. It is essential that a properly-maintained fire alarm is in place in your home or business to protect people and property. Total Security Systems is a registered fire alarm company that can carry this out.

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80% of businesses don’t survive a fire. That’s why a Fire Alarm System, designed and installed by a registered fire alarm company who can ensure that it is fit for purpose, is vital to protecting you going forward.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Maintaining Your Fire Alarm

The fire alarm system should also be maintained by a fire alarm company that can ensure it meets the required standards.

At Total Security Systems, we can design a fire alarm system to suit your particular requirements and install it to the current standards (I.S. 3218:2009). To ensure that your fire alarm continues to operate as it was designed to do, it must be maintained and tested at regular intervals as scheduled by your fire alarm company.

That is why we at Total Security Systems are a fire alarm company who ensure that, when you need it most, your fire alarm won’t let you down, protecting people and property.

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